Thursday, September 25, 2014

Water you waiting for???

Word-of-mouth really is the best. Thanks to some other people in my dorm, I found out about the most amazingly convenient service.

As you may know, the tap water in China is undrinkable. (Some people claim you can drink it once it's been boiled, but the funky aftertaste kind of puts me off that, not to mention whatever's in there that can't be boiled away...) Thus, bottled water is your life's blood. At first, I figured this meant lugging home 4-liter water bottles (about 8 RMB apiece) several times a week. Not fun, but necessary.

But if you call a number, you can order water and have it delivered straight to your door! You just tell them where you live (even if it's a dorm room) and what brand of water you want, and they bring you a 19-liter jug within half an hour. The first time, you have to pay 20 RMB for the dispenser and 20 RMB as a deposit in addition to the water, but from now on I only need to spend around 20 RMB on water a few times per month - all from the comfort of my room. No more raw palms or small, unwieldy bottles!

These are the kinds of things that make me excited about living in the middle of a big city, instead of in a little suburb. Convenience and effectiveness are always close on hand. I've heard rumors of door-to-door food delivery as well. Options that require exploration...

my water jug, ft. minifridge and fruit bowl.
basically everything keeping me alive.

(If someone is still wondering about the hot water, that's resolved! The office was open, and it was smooth sailing from there on out. I can shower comfortably. For now.)


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