Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day Two

Today was mostly spent exploring the Xuhui area. First and most importantly, we found Jiao Tong! I still haven't gotten any information regarding which dorm I'm supposed to stay in, or where to go to get access to it. And of course, I still need to get the residence permit out of the way. But because it's Sunday, there wasn't really any staff around who could answer questions. We won't be able to get anything done tomorrow either, because September 8 is a Chinese public holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival (as evidenced by the glorious full moon). But now I know where the campus is, and have had my first glimpse of where I'll be living...


Also discovered a mall district in the Xuhui area. It's just a stone's throw away from Jiao Tong, so I'm hoping to spend a lot of time here! Whenever someone goes "China is a Communist country blah blah blah" I laugh and laugh and laugh. Because in practice, it's the antithesis of everything Communist. The commercialism/materialism/capitalist devil-worship here is absolutely amazing, 20 times anything you'll find in Sweden and with better stuff (imo) than what's offered in America. Malls are usually around 10 stories tall and propped full of shops and restaurants. Even though the stuff at genuine stores is expensive, it's worth going into a mall just to hang out, people-watch, and get juice or bubble tea.


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