Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Sunday School

I'm writing this from my room a little less than two hours before class. That's right, as in school. A public holiday is coming up, which means a week's break, which means no classes. That's the point of a break, right? "Nah," they said, and so we have to make up for the class we miss on Monday... today.

Great way to end a week, eh? I wanted to do calligraphy as an optional course, but its Monday afternoon time slot clashed with my schedule. Today, though, I'm glad that I have afternoon class on Mondays. Pity the fools who needed to get up at 7 on a Sunday... only to get up at 7 again the next day, to have the same class again. Groundhog Day, Chinese university style.

ok, diverse group of cloned children, but allow me to disagree

So what else? Finally got all my papers + passport collected for the visa center, only to get there and realize the school had forgotten to put their official seal on my papers. My papers only. This was probably because I was first in line, and the girl behind the desk hadn't quite gotten her brain kicked into gear yet. I did what any neurotic idiot would do: flew into a complete panic. Luckily, there were people with me who told me to calm down and just go to the desk and give it a try. And lo and behold, they did accept my papers, stampless and naked as they were.

So here's hoping nothing else goes wrong. And giving myself a New Year's resolution, but in September, because I'm not very good at waiting: next time something goes Terribly Wrong, put it in perspective. And just relax.

People have been telling me this forever, but sometimes we gotta arrive at our own conclusions. So shhh. Time for zen.


Remember the Seinfeld one about "Serenity NOW!

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