Monday, September 22, 2014

Beijing To-Do: Go Shopping

This is one of several posts about my trip to Beijing in July, up on Mondays.

You know the Great Wall and the Forbidden City already, but what else is there to do in Beijing? Well…

Beijing is full of massive-scale department stores that often span ten floors or more. Of course, there will be different types for different people. For ultra-cheap knockoffs and a whole room full of pirated films, visit Yashow, where you’re also guaranteed a glimpse of other foreign faces.

k-drama, anyone?

If you’re into manga and anime (presuming you know some Chinese) and its accompanying merch and action figures (not presuming anything), Soshow has an entire floor dubbed “Cartoon Town” dedicated to the kind of otaku that a Western weeaboo twelve-year-old could never even imagine. (Think body pillows.)

We spent a lot of our time at Xidan, which is an entire district of these massive stores. You can find anything from places where cheap and negotiable fake-goods vendors do their business back to back with brand-name chains like Etude House to ultramodern, gorgeous malls where everything is genuine and expensive. For more of these, the fancier district Wangfujing has plenty. We spent a day in this area, which was pretty, air-conditioned, and clean.

The top floor of any department store will usually feature a food court. Juice and smoothie places are popular, where you can either get a classic bubble tea or a drink made from fruit pressed for you on the spot. And for the homesick, everything from Burger King to Starbucks can be found in these malls.

or you could get this... but i wouldn't


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