Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Update #1

So, a couple of days later and already a lot has happened.

Firstly, I managed to get into my dorm! There was staff there even though it was the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The dorm is absolutely amazing - I have no idea why someone's decided I deserve such luck and am just waiting for the catch to show itself. The building I'll be living in is completely new, so I'm the first person to ever stay in room 532. I was expecting to share a small space with another person and go down the hall to shower and do all business in a moldy P.E-flashback bathroom. Instead, I have a large bed, a private toilet and shower, a desk, a TV, closets, air conditioning, and a fridge. You can't tell by looking at me but I am crying tears of purest gratitude.

I'm moving in officially tomorrow, once we get the rest of my stuff over from the hotel. Also stopped by IKEA to get some necessities, a little piece of home in China. They had a Swedish food section (Norrlands Guld, knäckebröd, pepparkakor, Absolut, lösgodis 13 kr/hg...), but not the most iconic Swedish chocolate, made in my home suburb :c I'll have to rely on care packages from abroad once my stock runs out.

I found my new pickup line. They even translated it into Chinese for me.


Fancy curtains! Lookin' good kid. You're gonna feel right at home.

130 kr/hg ?? That candy better make me look like a kpop star and have me pooping gold I can sell and get rich cuz ain't nobody gon buy candy that expense

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