Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Update #2

Double post today, because two good things don't necessarily make an even better thing (think chocolate + ketchup). In addition to IKEA, we ventured out of the hotel and onto the super-efficient subway to see half the reason I came to Shanghai. Enter the Bund, enter skyline.

Sweden doesn't have massive buildings like this, not to mention a whole cluster of them smack-dab across the river. I am fascinated by absurd, excessive man-made things, and the Shanghai skyline about takes the cake.

Already decided I'm going to come back to Nanjing Lu (the shopping street that leads up to the Bund) for some solo exploration. Googling has told me that there is a street nearby with multiple bookstores. Anyway, the small part of the road I saw yielded a shit-ton of shops I'm probably never going to shop at, and one that I definitely am.

Etude House is a Korean chain that sells reasonably priced makeup of reasonable quality. They shamelessly indulge in all things pink and princess-y. I am of the firm opinion that an über-girly place like Etude is something everyone deserves to treat themselves to occasionally and give a fat finger to anyone who claims you shouldn't. Absorb the pink. Be the princess.

We returned along Nanjing Lu towards the Bund as it started getting dark (around 6 pm, extremely early for someone still used to the fading Swedish summer). The viewing deck by the Huangpu River was already filling up with people admiring the partly-lit buildings. And as the clock-bells on the Bund chimed seven o' clock exactly, the moment came. All the lights went on.

Bucket list: Check.

The next step is getting on one of those boats...


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